A Safer Covid Ready Plan For ALL!

A Safer Covid Ready Plan For ALL!

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Petition to
SA Premier Steven Marshall

Why this petition matters

We are calling for a safer opening up of South Australia to Covid-19 for everyone, particularly for those who are most vulnerable.


  • OPEN AT 90% DOUBLE VACCINATION for 12 years and up (the same as WA) which will likely save many lives according to modelling commissioned by SA Health. 1 This target is expected to be reached in December. 2
  • MORE EQUITABLE VACCINATION in the Northern Suburbs and remote Aboriginal communities. 3 4 And allow the roll out of 3rd doses to advance further for those who have waning immunity and are particularly vulnerable.
  • ADEQUATE HEALTH FUNDING and staff to meet projected demand. The Australian Medical Association is concerned that SA isn't prepared. 5

JOIN US in calling on Premier Steven Marshall to, in his words, "be as ready as possible" when Covid-19 is intentionally allowed into South Australia.

Let’s be as ready as possible!


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5 Reasons Why SA Should Not Open on November 23rd

Letting the delta variant of Covid-19 into SA on November 23rd (at ~80% double vaccinated 16 and up) seems like madness for five reasons.

  1. Opening SA on November 23rd will cost lives. The SA Liberal government is saying that we will reach 90% (12 and up) in December. We've come this far, what's one month more?
  2. The 80% figure isn't evenly spread vaccination across the state. Letting this more virulent strain of Covid-19 in means that the Liberal state government here are about to consciously  disproportionately infect folks in the northern suburbs and in Aboriginal communities. This is a serious issue because these areas also have higher rates of people who are more susceptible to adverse health outcomes from Covid-19.
  3. The Liberal Premier, Steven Marshall, has announced an increase to health funding. This is a drop in the bucket compared to what is needed.
  4. A "booster shot" is necessary because Covid-19 vaccines are shaping up to be three dose vaccines. Should we let covid in before folks with autoimmune conditions and folks in aged care have had their third doses? Especially at the same time that the protection the vaccine offers to those who first received vaccination is waning. And, as we know, folks who have been vaccinated can still spread the virus, more so with only two doses
  5. The delta variant is pushing into younger age groups, the higher vaccinated we become. A vaccine for 5 and up is expected to be approved soon. Should we wait for this? Sensible measures to protect students haven't been done yet. For example, ventilation audits of schools, as Victoria has done, will only start to happen here in December.

The issue here is how to mitigate the risk of the likely outcomes of intentionally allowing Covid-19 into the state, now versus another time. In the government’s words: Covid Ready.

Premier Marshall himself said, "We cannot keep COVID out of South Australia. What we want to do is be as ready as possible."

Let's be as Covid Ready as possible!



76 have signed. Let’s get to 100!