Ease restrictions on weddings and funerals

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The public is outraged by the fact that non essential events like the football (allowed 20,000 to and from) and shopping in enclosed malls is completely fine but once in a lifetime events with extreme family significance are capped beyond belief. There is minimal to no social distancing occurring to and from and within the AFL games, shopping malls, etc.  SA health confirmed that birthdays and engagements of up to 250 people are allowed or how ever many fit within the 1 per 2 squares metre rule. Another example of how the wedding and funeral industry are discriminated against. An engagement does not differ to the extent of having to cap the numbers at a wedding. Absolutely ridiculous. 

Everyone who has signed my petition, although understanding the severity of the COVID situation , agrees that mitigating risk at a wedding of say 300 people is easier than an event of 20,000 people. To add, one is essential (a funeral) and the other is purely leisure. 

The government needs to act swiftly not only for the sake of families wishing to see their loved ones go, or to get married, but also for the countless number of small (not only big) business and sole traders which rely on such events for their  income. The question I would like answered is: “why are more than 20 thousands football fans allowed within Adelaide oval and engagements/birthdays of 250 people with the assumption that they are “social distancing” yet weddings and funerals are capped at 100 people ?” All states should reconsider the application of these rules and adjust