Save the Cambie, Vancouver's Oldest Pub. Join The Cambie Project!

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The Cambie pub and hostel is a legacy business with a long tradition in Vancouver, operating as a people's pub since 1925 in the heart of Gastown. This pub is an institution in the city, the cornerstone of the historic Gastown district, and it has unquantifiable intrinsic value to the community. It is currently slated to be closed down and converted into multiple businesses and boutique residences, which would represent a major, precedent-setting change in usage and accessibility for the neighbourhood. We want the new owner to continue to run the Cambie as it has been run for decades, as a live music venue, a historic centerpiece of the Gastown area and an important meeting place for travelers, locals and patrons of all ages and income levels.

This is about more than saving a pub. It is about preserving the very essence of our communities, and standing up to irresponsible development, gentrification and the dismantling of our neighbourhoods. Vancouver is fast becoming a playground solely for the elite; lets raise our voices and let Steven Lippman know how important our Gastown community is to us! Don't let our beautiful, historic neighbourhood become another Yaletown. Sign, share, discuss, get involved!

Call 416-562-3113 for more information on how to help protect our neighbourhoods.

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