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No more burdens! Help a grieving mother during her time of need, find compassion!

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   I am starting this petition on behalf of Lindsey Licari, my sister and friend. She is mourning the loss of her son, Ayden Setoshi Brown, who passed away November 3, 2017 from Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. They had  battled this awful disease since he was 13 months old. He turned 3 August 20, 2017.

   They were residing in Las Vegas, Nevada when the doctors there told her they had no other options to help her son, giving up on him as they did not source out a second opinion from other doctors. She searched herself for second opinions in other cities; Boston, Houston, Arizona and also in other countries: Germany to help save her son. She decided to travel to Phoenix Children's Hospital as they had a great team of children sarcoma experts there.

   When she arrived, she was advised that they would need an actual address there in Phoenix in order for Ayden to continue receiving treatment. She had to leave her son in the hospital and find a place of residence before 5PM (it was already 3PM). She found Park 28 Apartments. She walked in, tears flowing down her face, and advised them of Ayden in detail and  because of the severity of her son's case, she would not be able to sign a 6 month lease. The office staff there advised her  that they would speak with the corporate office on her behalf and tell her story. 

  She paid them $3,500.00 and was only there a week when she received the devastating news that Ayden was no longer a candidate for the trial and they had given him three weeks to live. All of there family was back in Las Vegas and that's where she wanted to be, surrounded by family and friends that loved her and Ayden. 

  Ayden lived passed the three weeks the doctors in Phoenix had given him and everyone was excited to see the great strides he was making....he was gaining movement back in his legs and left arm.... we knew he was going to beat this.... but sadly, on Friday November 3, he lost his battle to the disease. Their last weeks together he was pain free, happy and was loved by all who had been touched by his cute voice and beautiful smile. 

  Lindsey is grieving for her son... we all are. She should only have to worry about laying her sweet baby to rest but that sadly is not the case. 28 Park Apartments are now suing her for an additional $4,000.00 for breaking the lease. She doesn't need more burden put on her during this difficult time. We are asking that you find it in your heart to forgo this suit Mr. Steven J. Evans, owner of Park 28 Apartments. Please show compassion in her time of need on behalf of other families who are going through this fight where their backs are against a wall. Please, you could have been in her situation at one time and would want someone to show compassion for you! 

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