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Safety and Justice For Pershing Field

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         On Easter weekend, 4/14/2017, my brother was assaulted at Pershing Field Plaza at around 10:30 pm. He was walking home from work as he normally does but on this night he ended up in the Jersey City Medical Center Emergency room.
          A group of men attacked and robbed him before leaving him lying helpless and unconscious on the park floor, where thankfully a Police Officer found him. They left him with multiple fractures in his jaw which required extensive surgery and a metal plate to be inserted to align his jaw bones. His mouth had to be wired shut, leaving him with the only way to receive sustenance through a straw. He also sustained several other fractures to his face and neck.
           This is not the first attack nor robbery  to occur within Pershing Field.  All reports made were detailed to have the same injuries revolving around the head, face, and neck area. All of the attacks were made by a group of 3 or more individuals using heavy blunt objects to cause bone breakage and the loss of consciousness so that they may then take what they please from their victims. It has happened time and time again always resulting in severe injuries. No justice has been met for any of the victims.
            There are either no cameras in functioning order or present at all to capture the crimes to aid in the capture of these violent criminals.There is also a lack of police officers to patrol the areas and keep us, the people, safe, especially during evening and late night hours. The officers who are "stationed" at the park, park their vehicles in different areas each night, but remain within the vehicle which leaves all other areas of the park un-serviced. 
             This does NOT keep us safe!  This does NOT deter criminals from committing these heinous crimes. All this does is force them to move to another section of the park where they will not be seen or heard. Providing adequate time for the assailants to make their leave without fear of apprehension. 
                What will it take for the city to realize that our citizens need protection? It has been demonstrated that this park is an ideal location for these incidents to occur, so why has nothing being done?

               It is up to us to convince our Mayor, Mr. Steven Fulop and our Governor Chris Christie to install security cameras in our parks! Cameras in working order! Cameras that will leave no blind spots! Cameras which will give clear pictures! 

               It is up to us to convince our Mayor, Mr.Steven Fulop and our Governor Chris Christie to have multiple officers patrolling our parks especially after sun down! This will help deter criminal activity and improve the overall safety of the park and the residents and shops which reside around the area. 

               It is up to US, the citizens, to make a stand and have it understood we want safety! That we want justice for all who have been attacked and the prevention of any future attacks!




                                                                         Concerned Sister and Citizen


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