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Make LAUSD food containers recyclable

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We are students that attend Ramon C. Cortines School Of VAPA, a premiere arts school in the Los Angeles Unified School District. It has come to our attention that the materials in LAUSD lunch trays are not recyclable, which means these containers can create up to 600 tons in waste each week. We think this is totally unacceptable, and in dissent from this policy, we are proposing that LAUSD should change the materials that are regularly used in lunch trays to make them more economically feasible. We urge LAUSD to create a system where we can start to use reusable trays that get washed after every use. It will be a cheaper process because you won't have to keep on buying trays and other utensils. It will also cut down on waste tremendously as kids won't be throwing away the food containers. With this alternative use of utensils, it is not only to help with the over flowing of landfills, but to help save the environment. Animals won't confuse plastic with food since the plastic trays and utensils eventually will not be there. This is just a small step, that can make such a huge difference.

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