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Tell Arkansas Lawmakers To Vote No on Congressional Tax Plans

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Sign the petition to tell Arkansas lawmakers to "SAY NO!" to the special favors for the wealthy and powerful in proposed tax legislation.

Both the US House and Senate are in a hurry to pass major tax changes before the end of the year.  We need your help to tell Arkansas lawmakers to "Say No!"

These proposals hurt most Arkansans. They balloon the deficit.  And they fatten the pockets of special interest groups.  Arkansas’ congressional delegation could play a pivotal role in stopping these bad ideas.

The House and Senate bills differ in some ways, but they have several bad ideas in common:

  1. These bills will take money from low income families and give it to the rich and powerful.  Most of the benefits go to the wealthy and our most profitable corporations.  While the powerful benefit, low- and middle-income families will bear most of the costs. The bills will force budget cuts in healthcare, education, nutrition, job training, and other programs. Any tax proposal should focus on helping middle and low income families. We should be closing income inequality, but this proposal makes it worse!
  2. These tax cut bills will increase our deficit by at least $1.5 TRILLION. We should not add to the debt we are giving future generations to pay for tax cuts we don't need. Congress should pay for tax reform with a balanced budget.
  3. These bills promise the false hope that trickle down economics actually work.  Economic growth happens when we invest in working families. Not by giving special favors to our wealthiest people.
  4. Those who support the bills say that low and middle income families will see tax relief. Low and middle-class families might see temporary tax relief under this plan. But, the budget cuts that will be proposed to help pay for the tax favors will raise the cost of living for working families. And remember, the vast majority of benefits go to the wealthiest, most powerful DC players. 

The goal of this tax package is clear -- to give the most powerful political groups and insiders big tax favors.  Worse, they pay for it by borrowing against our future and cutting services for working families.

Join us in calling on our members of Congress to reject these bad tax and budget plans. They should look for bipartisan solutions that make our tax code more fair and simple WHILE protecting the programs many hard-working Arkansas families depend on.  We need lawmakers to do what's right for ALL Arkansans, not just our top 1%.


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