Get HotTopic To Australia

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For years, us Australians have struggled to find popculture and band merchandise at an affordable price. We scoure the corners of the internet to find the perfect shirt and when we find it? Shipping is $39! For a teeshirt! 

We are not asking to lower the prices of the postage. But for a store of our very own IN AUSTRALIA. We are a great country filled with diversity in fashion and hobbies. We deserve to be able to express ourselves the way we want without having to spend our University funds to get it! 

Even if its just ONE store, this will make a HUGE difference in the way we buy our favourite merchandise! We have so many talented Australian bands who would gladly allow you to sell their merchandise too! Its a win for us and for the CEO of Hot Topic. 

Having just one store will greatly inflate the amount of sales the company has. So PLEASE sign this and help us get our own store!