Rethink the Banning of Steve St. Pierre from Jefferson Playground

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Steve St. Pierre has worked diligently the last 5 years trying to rebuild Jefferson Playground, through recruiting children, Coaching all age groups sporting events when no one else would, being a mentor for all the kids at the Playground, designing a Jefferson Playground Mustang web page with a calendar of the events and games at the playground, and supporting any events held at Jefferson Playground that Jefferson Parish Recreation had approved.  Steve has put in so much time, effort, and dedication to this playground and for it to be forgotten so easily by the Recreation Department and others at the playground.  Yes He made a decision (that was not the right one), but at that particular time he was thinking with his heart about the three little girls who were at the track waiting to participate and their team mate did not arrive, but to ban him from all Playgrounds for a year, NOT being able to watch his own daughter or any of the other kids that he has coached over the years is absolutely RIDICULOUS. He has lost his position as Booster Club President after VOLUNTEERING days and long nights at the playground (by choice) supporting sporting events taking place at the playground, taking days off from his personal job WITHOUT pay to VOLUNTEER and work on events taking place at Jefferson Playground.  At this particular time there is no Booster club Board members except for one member now.  Other members have resigned in support for Steve. Steve called the Recreation Department himself and made the Blue building aware of the situation the day after it had happened.  He was not able to explain himself or what happened that led up to that decision on that day.  He was mailed a certified letter 2 weeks later stating he was banned from Coaching for a year and could not step foot on any Jefferson Parish Playground signed by Chris Villarubia.  Steve has a meeting on Tuesday with the Recreation Department, we may not be able to attend (although flooding the blue building with support for Steve & his family may be what they need to see in order for them to realize that this decision is RIDICULOUS) not being able to coach for a Sporting season or two is reasonable, but the decision that was made is EXTREME AND HARSH.  With that being said what is a better way to show or support for him & the rest of the Jefferson Mustang family, but a signed Petition that will hopefully help and have them reconsider their decisions. Please consider signing to show support to Steve St. Pierre part of the Mustang Family.

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