Too Small to Survive- Emergency Bailout for Small Businesses COVID19 Crisis

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We are calling out an immediate financial S.O.S to our government and all officials on behalf of America’s backbone, small businesses. COVID19 has not only taken an unprecedented wipeout of our world’s health but it has put hard working small businesses in utter despair and is causing rapid financial devastation on massive levels. Small businesses need to come together now and use our voices to demand an emergency bailout or everything we have put our blood, sweat and tears into will crash and burn.


We need your signatures to help us reach as high as we can go to make something happen immediately as small businesses or we will not survive. There are Small Business Disaster Loans being offered in certain states BUT the demanded information requirements to even submit a request are borderline unattainable during a national crisis. The website crashes every second and there is no one to help us get these loans, leaving businesses stranded without any light at the end of the tunnel. We have had to lay off faithful employees by the dozens or thousands, sending them home to their families without solutions. I don’t know what hurts more, having to lay off the people who diligently work day in and day out for you as a small business owner or admitting that everything you love and have worked for was all for nothing.


We are POURING out our heart and soul to you all right now. Please come together now before it is too late, and we all lose our businesses. We NEED a bailout immediately NOT a loan. If you are a small business owner, if you support your local small businesses, if one of your friends or family members own a small business then help us. Help us get bailouts for small businesses before it is too late.


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Immediate disbursement of bailout financial help