Resign Now Sisolak

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Six months into the COVID-19 SCAMdemic Governor Sisolak shows no sign of re-opening Nevada. He has put more than HALF A MILLION NEVADAN’S OUT OF WORK and he could care less. The economy has been completely shut down and it has destroyed everything!

Governor Steve Sisolak is not fit to represent the people of Nevada. He must resign immediately.
1.    Accusations from Kathleen Vermillion, an ex-girlfriend regarding an inappropriate relationship with her 15-year-old daughter. These accusations were later recanted, but not after Vermillion begged Adam Laxalt, Sisolak’s opponent in the 2018 gubernatorial election not to use it against him.
2.    Allegations of abuse from ex-wife.
3.    Not forthcoming with where all the funds from the 1 October shooting went.
4.    Has signed into law supporting Anti-second Amendment legislation.
5.    Has gone after farmers and other with private wells to force metering.
6.    Passed a mileage reporting to the DMV, which will surely lead to a mileage tax in the future.
7.    Has repeatedly stated that he supports and will push for a State Income Tax.
8.    Ordered that all law enforcement remove the “Blue Lives Matter” emblems and such from all vehicles and has attempted to defund said law enforcement throughout the state.
9.    Banned the drug Hydroxychloroquine, a drug that could have saved many lives.
10. Being sued for wrongful death for the denial of the drug Hydroxychloroquine.
11. Allegations made by a former executive of the cannabis company MedMen Enterprises Inc. that the company's co-founders made illegal campaign donations to Democratic Gov. Steve Sioslak. Under investigation for purchasing two private jets worth $14 million with taxpayer money.
12. Frivolously sued McCarran airport over safety regulations. When safety restrictions on building heights were imposed, Steve turned to the courts to leech money from the airport. He claimed that the inability to grow his buildings upward and extra noise and “dust” from the planes would hinder his ability to make a living.
13. Signed into law, statewide mail-in voting which also authorizes Ballot Harvesting. Sisolak and the state are now being sued by the White House and President Trump.
14. Issued a mandate in an illegal special session to force the residents of Nevada to wear facemasks.
15. Recognized as the worst Governor in Nevada history, which now has the highest unemployment rate in the nation. At its peak, Nevada’s unemployment rate was 30.1%
16. The unemployment division, DETR, has had three (3) directors in six months. DETR blames an ‘antiquated system’. People still have not been paid for over 24+ weeks as their claims are either pending, denied or outright ‘lost in the system’.
17.  Being sued by several churches for refusing to allow them to hold in-person services.
18. Has closed bars, taverns, and other like establishments for months now, all the while, allowing casinos, gyms, retail locations & restaurants to re-open.
19. Has, on two occasions (that the public caught) defied his own orders and dined in public areas that he said were either closed, prohibited or limited by social distancing mandates.

These are just a few of the highlights of our Governor’s lackluster accomplishments. And all of this is just in the last few years! For these reasons, we, the undersigned, demand the Governor Steve Sisolak resign as the Governor of Nevada.