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Started by Arreon Sanders

#PoliceArrestReform2020 is an act of leadership designed to bring awareness to police misconduct and unnecessary killings of citizens. Our police system is flawed and does not do its job of protecting the people. We need change in our communities around the world. These resolutions brought forth by #PoliceArrestReform2020 is to encourage the police to do the right thing under the color of law. 

• Authorities keep their body cam on and recording at all times while on the clock, with the exception of lunch and breaks. 

•Submit all body cam footage to an administrative database that is accessible by the Lieutenant for legal purposes and the protection of the people, provoking moral conduct.

•In the event that body cam recordings have malfunctions or footage is not present, the grievances shall be in favor of the victim.

•Revise the Police Departments arresting procedures: 1.) Once an individual is cuffed, they are to be standing 2.) No force should be applied to the head area of arrestees 3.) No BLOCKAGE of breathing airways

•When misconduct occurs and is proven, the authorities involved (PD) are charged and prosecuted immediately and fired without pay.

With these new reforms, we create a safer environment for the community and it’s inhabitants.  


7,099 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!