Nevada DETR Needs to Pay Backlogged UI Claims Now

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The pandemic hit Nevada, and everywhere, hard in March. Businesses were locked down and layoffs started by mid-March. Many people who filed their DETR UI claims (not PUA) were never paid due to issues that needed to be reviewed. For many, these issues still are unresolved and no payments have been made, although, the claims are valid. 

We have called, emailed, emailed, called, tweeted, and called more. But nobody answers or helps. When the CARES act was passed it offered security so we could survive the pandemic by not working and still keeping our livelihood so we could re-enter the workforce and continue our lives easily.

The Leadership in Nevada has failed to address these issues, and there are thousands of people who are now wondering when the much-needed support of their government will come. And it seems it never will unless more people speak out again. 

It is time to tell Nevada we need them to stop wasting time and causing problems which should be fixed by legislation which was passed months ago. We all want to go back to normal life safely, but instead, we are racking up credit card debt, depleting retirement savings, emergency savings, and skipping payments. Enough is enough!