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Stop Radical Restriction of our Education!


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As you may have heard, the School District of Waukesha has rolled out a Managed Apple ID system. If you follow the link in the email sent to all School District of Waukesha, you will see that under a Managed Apple ID, among other things, our App Store, iTunes Store, and of course, Facetime and iMessages, are restricted. 

Our App Store has already disappeared.

This will mean that we have the inability to download any apps not on Self Service. Self Service misses foundational educational apps such as Youtube, GraphNCalc83,, and countless other language, math, english, and other priceless resources for accelerated learning. 

Make no mistake: This new development is harming our ability to use our iPads in the way they were intended to be used. As a way to expand our educational opportunities. 

Why punish all students for a few students mistakes? Yes, there are students that abuse the iPads and there are apps that do not contribute to our learning, but it is impossible to sort through every app on the App Store and discern which is which. By restricting all apps, they are limiting our choices to how we learn to a select few options. 

Sign this petition today to let Steve Schlomann and other School District administrators know that this is not the way to build better schools!

Please encourage your parents and parents of other Waukesha Students to sign this! Their support holds even more weight as they often are the ones paying for our attendance to Waukesha schools. 


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