Ask the state for assistance in adding an additional water source in Hampstead NH

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The residents of the Main St area a mile north of Don’s Market are in desperate need of an alternate water source. Wells are drying up faster and more often than ever. One family( I’m sure there are many) has been without water for over 3 weeks. After asking around the area, it appears as though too many good families are facing the same issues.

I’ve been a proud member of the Hampstead NH community for over 7 years. The people here are friendly, supportive and always willing to lend a helping hand. Recently, I had the pleasure to meet Dave and Deanna Anthony and found out they have been without water for 3 weeks. Through a simple post on Facebook, they have been embraced in typical Hampstead style. Neighbors have been reaching out to them and offering water, use of their showers and laundry and much needed moral support to get through this tough time. 

We are trying to organize enough support to convince our local and state representatives that this potential health issue needs to be addressed. We need a more reliable source of water to supply our community...especially with all of the changes going on such as new developments and houses being built. We are requesting that Hampstead Area Water extend their lines approximately one more mile north of Don’s Market on Main St to allow residents of that area to tie in. We have plumbers and contractors willing to do the site work on individual properties at drastically reduced rates to help ease the burden of costs involved to homeowners that choose to connect.

We really need as much support as possible. Whether you’re a resident of the Main St area that is affected, a neighbor showing support or even another area resident experiencing the same problems...please help us and show support by signing this petition. Thank you for all of your time!

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