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Get out of office and stay off television.

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Steve King is stuck in the past, the world is changing and people are evolving. This man represents everything that used to be wrong with society and fights against positive changes. This is a man who has compared people to animals, fought gay marriage, threatened to sue our commander and chief, supports racial profiling, supports DOG FIGHTING, made English Iowa's official language just to prove how racist he is, fought against helping victims of Hurricane Katrina,bullied woman, brushed off food poisoning deaths and regulation law importance, and continues to show with every ignorant statement that he should really not be in a position of power or anywhere near a microphone or camera. Steve King is a man with no compassion, soul or intelligent point of view on anything. I lean a different way for every issue some liberal and some conservative. I'm not just a republican hating hippy but I do think we should have standards when it comes to people who run even just parts of the country and this man should resign or be impeached and taken out of office. If you care about the future of our beautiful country America and want to move forward and not floor it in reverse please sign this petition and let Steve King know we want him out.

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