Harvey Road Neighborhood - 8th NE & Pike NE Street Light

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The intersection at 8th St. NE and Pike St. NE is dangerous.  The city refused to note this when it installed a street light at R St. NE and 8th St. NE. 

The neighborhood just South (NS) has two exits onto 8th, and one is controlled by a stop light.

In contrast, there is only  (1) exit from the neighborhood just North (NN) of 8th NE (between Harvey and R St NE) and it does not have a stop light.  The high speed and heavily trafficked (through and turn) lanes make it confusing and unsafe to enter East bound onto 8th.

In June 2017 a child was hit by a car crossing at 8th and Pike.  Online and in person NN neighbors complain about this intersection being difficult and unsafe to maneuver.

It is too late and financially unwise to remove the current R & 8th stop light, but before another child is injured or killed, it's time to add a stop light at Pike NE and 8th St. NE.

Please do two things:  One, sign the petition.  Two, send the link to this petition to others you think will support it.

Thank you!