Petition to get Prince Edward County councils attention to limit tourism in Picton & area!

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This year has been worse than ever for tourism in Prince Edward County. It has forced a handful of beaches to be shut down due to over capacity, littering and not following guidelines. These are not local county citizens at fault, yet we at the end of the day are punished for it. We are not able to use our favourite beaches, restaurants and spots due to the overwhelming amount of disrespect the tourists have. In the wake of this pandemic, isn’t the goal to social distance and not take the risk of spreading this virus? This petitions purpose is to hopefully get the word out even more that people from the county have had enough! Year after year it’s gotten worse, can’t even take a drive down Main Street in the summer anymore. This isn’t just a vacation spot THIS IS A COMMUNITY ALSO. Let’s spread the word we want our county back! 

*Just to clarify* this petition's objective is to let the council know that we as locals are angry. We are angry that for months now we have all come together as a community to follow the health and safety guidelines to keep everyone safe. We are still under a global pandemic, and instead of the County following through with what they set out to do earlier this year, which was to protect, tourists are being encouraged to come to Prince Edward County. To date, copious tourists have been:

-Camping out in parking lots (i.e. Metro, Sobeys, No Frills, LCBO, Arenas, etc);
-Defecating on locals personal and business properties;
-Littering on beaches, personal and business properties;
-Not following health and safety guidelines (i.e. 6 feet apart and mandatory masks);
-Over excessive amounts of traffic on main streets;
-Beaches are being forced to shut down between 9-10am due to over capacity;
-The list continues.

All of this SHOULD NOT be happening during the pandemic.

Please note, the point of this petition was not trying to encourage an us vs. them narrative or condemn tourism because we understand that some local businesses would not survive without it. What this petition is trying to do is put forth a voice that would enable people to see that us locals are suffering from not being able to enjoy what the County has to offer due to overcrowding and the lack of respect many tourists have displayed. Tourism is heavy every year, but this year has been the worst.

Just to draw a parallel, St. Catherines have just banned all non-Niagara residents from its beaches effective immediately due to overcrowding issues during the pandemic. We petitioners feel what can be shut down should be shut down to locals only. In general, something needs to be done for the local residents or else Prince Edward County could be the next hot spot for COVID-19.

I encourage each and everyone of you to read the comments posted on social media. Listen to the voice of numerous local residents expressing their concerns and desire for change.

Us petitioners thank you for listening, and if you support our directive please sign and share.