Last Chance to Stop the Stadium GIVEAWAY!

Last Chance to Stop the Stadium GIVEAWAY!

October 4, 2020
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Started by AnaHome

City of Anaheim is facing economic crisis with COVID 19 and City Council Majority has taken the first vote to sell the City's largest Asset, Angel Stadium, Anaheim Grove and the surrounding land, for a fraction of its value for $150 Million to Angel's owner BILLIONAIRE Arte Moreno.

Two council members Dr. Jose Moreno and Denise Barns are opposed to the deal.

Anaheim Realtors are estimating that if sold at fair market value - City may realize anywhere from $600 million to $1Billion for this property.

The Council majority is touting the deal as bringing 466 affordable housing units and 7 Acre Park, but the tax payers of Anaheim are paying for it and it is said to be built in the next 15- to 20 years!

Furthermore - this deal replaces the TEAM NAME ANAHIEM ANGELS and with Los Angeles Angels! at the expense of Anaheim Tax Payers.

We the people have not had the chance to publicly comment on this deal, because the council is taking the vote over the phone!

This Deal is simply a giveaway to Billionaire Arte Moreno! The Council Majority lead by Mayor HARRY SIDHU, STEVE FAESSEL, JORDAN BRANDMAN, LUCILLE KRING and TREVOR O'NEAL have not done their job in negotiating a fair deal for US, Anaheim Tax Payers!

You have one final Chance on October 6! Ask them to Stop this Give away! email

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Signatures: 202Next Goal: 500
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Decision Makers

  • Steve Faessel
  • Jordan Brandman
  • Trevor O'neal
  • Lucille Kring
  • Harry Sidhu