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McDonald's Franchise Inhumane Slaughtering of Chickens

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From the start in 1955, McDonald’s franchises have implemented inhumane slaughter practices, specifically to chickens. This manner includes dumping the birds out of their transport crates, hanging them upside down with metal shackles at their feet, slitting their throats whilst they remain conscious, and immersing them into scalding hot water. Other abuse whilst still concious includes broken bones, extreme bruising, and hemorrhaging. By signing this petition,this cruel slaughtering will change to a less brutal method called controlled atmosphere killing(CAK). The method removes oxygen from the birds’ atmosphere while in crates that is soon replaced with a non-poisonous gas that puts the birds peacefully to sleep. CAK eliminates the numerous animal welfare, economic, and worker safety issues associated with electric immobilization. The non-poisonous gas not only improves the carcass quality, but it can lead to a higher product yield and improvements in labor cost. With chickens and turkeys equaling 95% of animals slaughtered in the US each year, it is only humane that we raise and slaughter in a less brutal manner. This approach has proved successful in the UK with CAK used to kill 75% of their turkeys and 25% of their chickens. WIth your help, we can implement similar success in the United States.

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