Clear back packs and metal detectors in all Charlotte county schools

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Sirena Wilhite
Sirena Wilhite signed this petition

As a parent of 5 kids , I am very very upset with the way these threats have been handled.  I would like to see everyone come together and make the schools a safer place for our children !!  Let’s start by having all the children using clear back packs as well as putting in metal detectors at each Charlotte county school !   Metal detectors will help lower the chances of a child bringing in any type of weapons as well as help lower the chances of them bringing in vapes. Clear back packs will also lower the chance of kids bringing weapons and drugs in to school in their back packs !! We are demanding a STOP and call for action to the bullying and fight club videos going as well that the school has been made aware of...  Let make a change for our kids !!  We are their voices !