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Carnegie Kinder has well over $100,000 in funds, that have largely been raised through the hard work of many successive parent communities, to be applied for the betterment of the kinder and its programs.

GEKA, the Early Years Manager that manages Carnegie Kinder, has decided that these funds should now be available to pay for capital improvements at any of the ten kindergartens that it manages, through consolidating all money historically held on behalf of individual kindergartens.

We don’t think this is right, or fair.

This is particularly so in light of the fact that, when Carnegie Kinder joined GEKA 7 years ago, it entered into an express agreement with GEKA that these funds would continue to be held separately on its behalf, spent only for the benefit of Carnegie, and returned to the kinder in the event that it leaves the management of GEKA. 

GEKA’s Board made the decision to consolidate the funds without consulting with, or even informing, Carnegie or any of its other member kindergarten communities.

GEKA must operate under the State Government’s EYM Policy Framework, and the State Government have the ability to intervene here and put things right.  Our local MP, Steve Dimopoulos, and his predecessor, Anne Barker, have always been supportive of our kinder.

We need your voice to support Steve in asking the Minister for Early Childhood Education to resolve this issue, and secure Carnegie Kinder’s funds for its benefit into the future.

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You can read a more detailed account of this issue, and about the assurances we are asking the Government to compel GEKA to provide, here. You can also contact us on