A local Authority school for children upto 19 years with Neurodevelopment Disorders.

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Many children with neurodevelopment conditions such as autism, Aspergers, ODD etc.. are without a school because needs cannot be met in a mainstream environment. In Cambridge The County Council is putting hundreds of thousands of pounds into Independent Specialised provisions. Parents and The County Council don’t have a say on how these schools are managed therefore parents feel powerless when it comes to decisions. Parents need transparency and accountability when it comes to provision for these vulnerable children. Parents need a Local Authority school which provides these two and many more significant needs. Stop putting all your funds into independent schools and save funding by opening a school which will provide the much needed education that vulnerable children need. No to Free schools. Yes for a specialist provision ran by the Local Authority.

Many parents are having to homeschool their children more often than not, not their choice.
Every child has a right to an education they also have a right to feel secure in their placements. Parents are fed up with provisions that run their own curriculum and dodge faulty attendance records by reducing children’s timetables.
Independent special schools and Free schools are governed by businesses and their only priority is to make money. Staff are not trained appropriately not fairly paid. Consequently staff aren’t providing the level of care they should and children with neurodevelopment disorders are significantly suffering because of this.
This also affects low income families it prevents parents from working because timetables are not consistent. It causes family breakdowns because of the intense stress caused by lack of provision. Furthermore increases the work load for CAMHs (children adolescent mental health service) this service is already being run into the ground through lack of funds. Waiting lists are 2 years long. The Police are also having to step in when it should be the health services this strategy is again adding more trauma leading to further mental health conditions.

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