Assistance and support and for small landlords during Covid-19

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We call for all people, not just home owners, who support this statement, to join us and sign the petition! PLEASE READ FULLY BEFORE JUDGING

As small landlords, we are very open to work out a payment plan with our tenants. Unfortunately there have been numerous tenants using the "no evictions policy" as a free pass to NOT pay rent even if they have not been affected by covid, or to avoid an eviction that was long planned (for reasons not related to covid). While we totally understand and are willing to accommodate for tenants who are truly affected, the suspension of all evictions is extremely unfair, given that a majority of landlords in Ontario, are private small landlords, that are also being laid off and affected by covid.

A few points of we want to get across:

1. Myth to clarify: Just defer your mortgage payments, our tenants are telling us!-NOPE- Firstly, a lot of landlords are not with big banks, meaning they cannot defer their payments. Secondly, even if they are able to defer their payments, there is a very high interest rate that comes with it. Imagine if landlords charged interest everyday your rent was late at a time like this. Not fair right? well, thats what is happening to us.

INFACT, around 60% of property owners in ontario and small landlords, meaning: they dont have a mansion with 10,000 houses they rent out!! They are middle class people that have saved up for a long time, and put in their life's savings into something Similar to everyone else, landlords are also being laid-off and having financial issues during the covid crisis. People tend to forget that landlords are people too.

2. We still believe in suspending evictions, but only for tenants who are unable to pay their rent on April 1st. All other reasons for evictions (n12, persistent non payment of rent etc.) should still go through the LTB and be, as these factors have nothing to do with the COVID crisis. There are homeowners who are homeless and unable to enter their own home now, as tenants who once agreed to leave on a certain date are refusing to do so now. Homeowners have been verbally abused throughout this entire process by tenants who don't want to pay rent, because "they cant get evicted". SO, WE WOULD LIKE TO REMOVE THE SUSPENSION ON ALL EVICTIONS, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THOSE WHO ARE UNABLE TO PAY RENT ON APRIL 1st (Because they have lost their job/reduced hours/are financially affected - AND can provide proof of that)

3. Are you a tenant that usually pays on time but, can't in April? You should still sign our petition, because it does not affect those that have been good tenants thus far, and just can't make one payment because of the COVID crisis. This petition applies to those tenants, that are using the current COVID crisis to their advantage, and are abusing the system. IF YOU, A TENANT/ LANDLORD/ HOMEOWNER/A HUMAN BEING, FEEL THE REQUESTS WE HAVE MENTIONED ABOVE ARE FAIR, THEN PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.

Let's be responsible citizens. #befairtosmalllandlords "