Re-Open Montana Gyms

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We are a group of Gym Owners and gym supporters in the state of Montana.  We started this petition in an attempt to have Gov. Bullock allow us to re-open under Phase 1.

According to the CDC 70% of all patients hospitalized in the United States from COVID-19 have pre-existing chronic illness, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and chronic lung disease. These chronic diseases account for 70+% of all deaths in the world and 80% of all health care dollars spent in this country. Gyms and fitness studios are on the front lines of battling these diseases everyday and this is no different with this pandemic. We are lifeboats in this sea of chronic disease and we work tirelessly to help equip people with what they need to fight off these diseases. 

Furthermore, Montanans utilizing our services is one of the healthiest ways they can promote mental health, stress reduction, and overall well-being during this unprecedented and uncertain time.  If you care for the wellbeing of Montanans you should put us on the front lines of reopening immediately.

We have all drafted plans for our own facilities that adhere to all practices you need to see take place in any other business.  This includes equipment spacing to allow social distancing, hand sanitizing stations and hand soap at every sink, proper disinfecting of equipment, limiting group sizes to what is appropriate based on building size, and advising members to stay home if they are ill.  There is literally no difference between using our facilities and someone going to the grocery store. 
If you care for the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of your constituents you will do the right thing and reopen gyms and fitness studios. Please change your position on this Governor Bullock.