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End age discrimination for cancer screening in the UK

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My heart breaks at yet another story in the news of a young parent facing death because her symptoms of 8 months were ignored by doctors as anything serious based on her age. A 29 year old Mum to two children has now just days to live after finally being diagnosed with bowel cancer.

When will the government wake up and acknowledge cancer does not age discrimate, how many more young people have to die before they are given the same medical treatment as someone over the age of 50.

I would like to try start a powerful petition that puts the issue into the hands of those with the power to save lives. Whether it is cervical, bowel, lung or testicular- any form of cancer should be screened for if the symptoms are there WITHOUT age being a deciding factor.

Currently in the UK the age of bowel cancer screening is 60-74 with only some parts of the UK lowering it to 55.

Cervical cancer screening starts at age 25- 75.

Breast cancer screening starts at age 50-70


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