Child Maintenance Service Accountability

Child Maintenance Service Accountability

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Steve Brine

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Started by Martyn Richardson

Accountability of the individual employees within the CMS, at present there is no accountability or penance for anyone working within the CMS who constantly and systematically continue to fail in the execution of their duties with appalling consequences for individuals. 
Accountability leads to change, if individual employees at all levels including management are held accountable for failures and open to disciplinary proceedings for negligence and dereliction of duty then we may actually begin to see a system that is operated fairly and regulated. 
At present the CMS is equal to the CSA which was disbanded 2017 due to its poor performance and constant failures. 
All children should be supported if the marriage or relationship ends, support should be fair, consistent, equal and impartial, at the moment the CMS is not able to meet any of such requirements and should be drawn into line by a regulatory body, at present it is very difficult to get any assistance against constant failings. 
please join me in the pursuance to get the CMS to do what they are employed and paid to do by yard payers money. 

12 have signed. Let’s get to 25!