Stop the games! Build a sewer system for Suffolk County Long Island

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Suffolk County is currently attempting to resolve its water quality issue (Elevated Nitrogen) that has resulted from the long term use of the use of cesspools and conventional septic systems by homes and business across the county. According to Newsday, there are an estimated 252,000 cesspools currently in operation, that directly dump untreated waste water into the ground. While it is agreed that this antiquated system should no longer be employed in such a densely populated and developed area, Suffolk County's proposed solution is just as ludicrous. 

       While the rest of long Island (Nassau and Queens Counties) installed municipal systems using federal government grants decades ago, Suffolk County's failed attempt ended in scandal. So now they are proposing to lay this burden on home, business and property owners. They are planning to force residents to install complex water treatment systems (that are essentially mini sewage treatment plants) in lieu of standard septic systems. These systems are extremely expensive both in initial out lay and continual operating and maintenance costs. A Newsday report on 4/25/18 (Suffolk's wastewater plan could cost $20,000 per home), the following are the potential costs of such systems:

1) $13,500 to 23,800 for initial install

2)$250 to $300 per year for maintenance

3)up to $266 per year in electrical costs.

These are the costs is the system never happens to break. Component repair and replacement will cost even more. Further, this absurdity will be mandated. Property owners that are already paying some of the highest property taxes in the nation, will now also be required to bear the burden of this political failure! These requirements will certainly result in a decline in property value! The loans and other proposed gimmicks that the county is proposing in order not to suffer voter backlash are not nearly sufficient to assist struggling Long Islanders.  Obviously the manufacturers and installers are lobbying hard, and stand to make a lot of money if this mandate is passed.

Please sign this petition, and let the Suffolk County Executive and the Legislature know that we will not pay for their legacy of failure. Providing a clean and efficient sewer/wastewater treatment system is THIER responsibility, not ours. A Sewer system is critically important any developed region, and homeowners should not be obligated to provide for lacking infrastructure! We must let them know that they need to fight for federal and state funding, and build the infrastructure that every civilized locale requires, and that every county on Long Island outside of Suffolk County has provided decades ago!!! Tell them we want a county-wide sewer system!




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