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Petitioning Principal, Steubenville High School Mr. Shawn Crosier and 1 other

Steubenville High School Principal: Fire Coach Reno Saccoccia for FAILING to Report the Rape!

Coach Reno Saccoccia had received numerous text messages from Trent Mays, who informed him about the rape. Mays then texted a friend, saying "I got Reno. He took care of it and shit ain’t gonna happen, even if they did take it to court. Like he was joking about it so I’m not worried,” Yes--Coach Reno JOKED about a 16 year old girl being raped as though it didn't even matter. It's time we stopped deifying this man and gave him the boot. He doesn't deserve to have his job for knowing a teenage girl got raped and refusing to report it to authorities.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Principal, Steubenville High School
    Mr. Shawn Crosier
  • 420 N 4th Street, Steubenville OH 43952
    Steubenville High School

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