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This is an international online protest organized by Gatehunder fra Romania, Norway.

Killing dogs will prove how uncivilized, primitives, devoid of intelligence humans can be in Romania(part of EU) in 2012. Sterilization will solve the overpopulation problem in future, preventing more unwanted dogs to born. Adopting a dog from street (and not leaving him in prison for a lifetime) will prove civic responsibility.

You can also sign Sterilizations & Adoptions vs Euthanasia  

Letter to
City Hall Moreni Mayor of Moreni, Mr. Vasile Goran
Integrare Europeana
Spokesperson for Dambovita County Police Inspectorate Police Superintendent SAVU MIHAELA
Many Norwegians are watching how you try to solve having so many strays on the streets of Romania.

Now you are in EU and should look to other European countries for help. Spaying/neutering is the only solution.
It's the only thing helping in other countries, and it's the only thing that will ever help Romania.

Letting strays suffer and rot in public shelters and killing them in cruel ways is going to harm your country.
It already is, but it will get worse.

I wish you knew how many people abroad are disgusted with how Romania treats animals.
Obviously you don't know or care, as you keep killing innocent souls.

One day you will realize what you are doing and stop the killing. Hopefully that day will be today.


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