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Allow Joanna to keep her emotional support pets in supported housing

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Joanna suffers from some mental health issues which make it dangerous for her to live on her own. Joanna fought to get into supported housing and when a project offered her a room, she was told that she needs to rehome her three pets, which are all small, cages animals. Joanna looks after her animals to the point where there just spoiled as they keep her happy and keep her busy, yet a project that is meant to support Joanna, is pushing her to make the hardest decision ever.


joanna has been diagnosed with Personality Disorder, Eating Disorders Aspergers and had bipolar diagnosis questioned. Joanna suffers from sensory problems and the animals have allowed her to calm herself down by just stroking her chinchilla. Joanna often self harms and on many occasions she used the sentence 'I feel like self harming, but I can't because of them three. Now the project wants to take away Joanna's pets, hoping that having people around her will solve the problem. Well it will not. 

So please sign and maybe together we can get through to these people to allow Joanna keep what matters the most to her. She said on many occasions that if something happens to her animals or if she ever has to rehome them, she is going to end her life. Please people it doesn't take much to sign but may change someone's life and save 3 animals!!

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