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On May 18th, 2018 Tana DeTellem decided to put a stalking/no contact retraining order on my boyfriend & I. Tana has been on probation for awhile now because she’s an alcoholic & always screaming at us “I’m on probation they love me I won’t ever go to jail.” My boyfriend & I moved in our apartment (which is right above Tana’s apartment) September 2017 & we’ve had on going problems with her ever since. The first week we moved in Tana made us a plate of food & we both got food poison. We thought nothing of it because we thought she was being a nice neighbor. Around November she was drinking on her patio almost every night to the point where she would & still does come up on our patio & screams nonsense. She would & still does go on all night so we have no choice but to call the cops. A lot of people in the apartment complex units have & still do argue with her to be quiet because they have kid who are trying to sleep at night & she will still carry on screaming more & louder. Our landlords don’t & still won’t do anything about it because they’re not babysitters when we tell them what’s going on but they get mad when cops show up. Tana now threatens us with her dog (who is abused everyday too) that she will bark & bite at us if we use the stairs that are our way of getting into our house. She’ll play her music loud late at night, call the cops saying it’s us, & she’ll turn it down when they show up. The papers that were served to us did not have the correct information. She doesn’t know anything about us! What’s funny to us is she said we were the stalkers but she does know where we work, what we do at work, & what our hours are for work. Now that’s a stalker!! On Monday 05/21/18 my boyfriend & I will be putting a retraining order back on her so if she violates it (which we know she will) she’ll be in trouble not us. We now have to appear at court June 6th, 2018 thanks to her to let the judge hear both sides of the story. We can’t record anything or take pics because that can be used against us as stalking. We’re making this petition for others to help us & sign saying we’re not stalkers. Tana is a problem for not only us but a lot of people in these apartment complex units on 650 Kiwanis Dr. Freeport, IL 61032.

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Mikayela Metz & Darius Crawford

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