Support Dr. Andrea Kane and the Board of Education addressing racism in Queen Anne's Co.

Support Dr. Andrea Kane and the Board of Education addressing racism in Queen Anne's Co.

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Queen Anne's County Commissioner Stephen Wilson and

Why this petition matters

We are presenting this petition to support the ongoing efforts to address racism in Queen Anne's County by Dr. Andrea Kane and our Board of Education. This is a direct response to the slander, misinformation, and other harmful reactions that have arisen in the wake of a call to openly acknowledge and have meaningful dialogue about racism. This call to the humanity of our community to 'listen more and pass judgment less; be slow to anger and extend grace to one another generously' does not warrant the animosity it has received. 

We are calling on the Queen Anne's County Commissioners to stand with us in deliberate action to:

1. Acknowledge the presence of racism in our county.
2. Denounce the vitriol currently aimed at Dr. Kane and other community members.
3. Dispel the rampant misinformation being spread online about a voluntary effort to coordinate students discussing racism in facilitated conversation.

As parents, students, teachers, alumni, and community members, we stand against this backlash, and recognize that we must actively work together in love and understanding on this communal education on racism. While others will seek to claim racism does not exist in our community, we continue to work towards being actively anti-racist. We invite those who have questions, fears, or other discomforts to bridge the divide, to continue working together, and to challenge each other towards growth. We acknowledge that we need to do more to build a better, kinder, safer community for every one of our Queen Anne's County residents, and will continue to support efforts to elevate and clearly listen to the voices of students, parents, teachers, staff, and community members in marginalized groups.

6,641 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!