Stop Shine SA closing its North and South services.

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The South Australian Liberal Government made the devastating desicion to cut funding to Shine SA to the value of nearly $550,000.
Because of this, Shine SA management and board have made the choice to close their northern and southern offices. This will mean that only their two central offices in Woodville and the Adelaide CBD will be available.

As a result, some of the most disadvantaged people in our community will not be able to access an invaluable health service.
These sites offer nurses, doctors and counsellors at low or no cost and have done so for years. This includes pap smears, contraception, sexual health checks, mental health support, disability education and more! They are located in areas where unwanted pregnancy, sexual transmissable infections and limited resources are impacting a community that has an established record of lower than average income and education.
This is not acceptable and will only put people at risk!

To see this resolved, Health Minister Stephen Wade needs to reconsider his funding cut and According to Stephen Wade, Shine SA also need to be cost efficient so as to ensure this doesn't recur. Shine SA management also need to know that targeting the closures of sites in two of the most disadvantaged areas is not ok.