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Stand Up for NH Rescues and Volunteers Against the Lies

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We all know who "they" are. We know their names - the people, the rescues and even "their" minions doing the work to keep the dirt from their own hands. And yet we all know the truth. There are two New Hope approved rescues that have been taking it upon themselves to "police" other rescues. They write on private pages and in private message groups about other rescues and other volunteers. And if the truth is out there.... well, they really don't care about the truth, now do they? And all the while looking like the belles of the ball, sitting on committees and acting publicly like they have nothing to do with what is going on..... and yet we ALL know differently, don't we.

This is a petition to demand an investigation into the way New Hope at NYCACC picks and chooses what gets investigated and what does not, what rescues get called on to prove information about dogs pulled and why other rescues do not, why some rescues have their pulling rights suspended or terminated and why that occurs. We are asking for the NYCACC to make an investigation into why there are so many New Hope approved rescues, and yet the vast majority do not pull animals regularly or at all. How is it possible that between 250+ rescues available, if there are only 2-4 dogs on an at risk list, all of those dogs get euthanized? Where are the rescues and why is no one from the NYCACC New Hope Department asking that very question? Why is it that rescues that actually WORK to save lives are questioned by the NYCACC based on information supplied by other rescues? How are these rescues obtaining information that should be held confidential? And why is this petition necessary to suggest that the New Hope Department do there jobs for the best results possible for their animals and their partners?

The lies, innuendos, and deflections need to stop. The facts need to come out. Please add your signature below to ask Stephen Valentin, New Hope Director at the NYCACC to take a good, long look at what is happening. If an investigation is initiated we are certain it will be discovered that there is a select group of individuals working against the good of the program, and that some of these individuals are working from within the circle of the NYCACC - which is exactly how confidential information is getting released.

Mr. Valentin. Everything is not as it appears, and it's about time you see this for yourself. We are asking for you to start an investigation into allegations that have already been supplied to you. We are all watching, and waiting.

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