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Doonan residents have banded together to lobby Sunshine Coast Council to reject a 40 metre NBN tower threatening to overshadow rural homes and cause a blight on the landscape..
The small but united rural community said while the NBN was an important move for faster and more reliable Telecommunications in the region, a tower the height of a 14 storey building (41.5m tall) in a rural residential zone was ludicrous.
Local resident and spokesperson for the group, Sophia Conley questioned the appropriateness of the tower at the proposed location saying it would reach more than 20 metres above surrounding vegetation.
“This visual impact – which would be the same as building a14 storey building in a rural residential area – not only going against the intent of the SCC Planning Scheme for this area but also brings with it well researched health concerns,” Ms Conley said.
“The NBN promised to all Australians was an optic fibre, underground solution. Yet we, as are many small communities within this region and across the nation, are being offered a substandard, risky solution that has not been tested over the long term to ensure the ongoing health of the community the towers service.
“This Community has families with young children, a nearby school, and cafe which hosts children’s programming - the impacts from the emissions on these young lives, is something we won’t know now but which, current research shows that like tobacco and asbestos, has a very high potential to be a health risk.

And please lets not forget the immense impact this could have on bird and animal species familiar to the area. “We have an incredibly large population of rare endangered Yellow tail Black cockatoos which frequent the trees on and around the  area of the proposed site at various periods throughout the year. This tower is in a direct line these birds take between Sunshine beach and the North shore areas for feeding and nesting etc. There is also a very real concern for the Doonan bee population that pollinate the organic farms within 100m from this site!” 

There is significant concern for the property values of many of the homes and land located near by this proposed tower. Many residence have invested their lifesavings in building homes and tending to the land, and to have a potential 14 story tower with significant visual impact will have a very negative effect on their properties, not to forget the possible long term health effects...
“We do not want this tower at this location and suggest that if substandard technology is to be forced upon us, that Aurecon does its homework before it lodges its DA to investigate nearby, more appropriate spaces. That investigation could include something very simple - a conversation with the people that live here and the local council and a thorough FAUNA IMPACT study which to our knowledge has not been carried out!."
“There are spaces with significant buffers and protections that would ensure the safety and visual amenity of all residents in this community.
“We are pleading with council to tell Aurecon to do this investigation to ensure that these NBN towers:
·         Do not impact on the visual amenity of both residents and visitors to the area
·         Better align with the Rural Residential zoning purpose, outcomes and objectives  of the area and as outlined in the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme
·         Allow increased financial viability (too few residents will benefit)
·         Provide significant buffers to residential properties, homes, schools and businesses in the area to reduce exposure to the high frequency radio emissions emitted by such a tower noting that RF is currently classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as a Group 2B carcinogen, which means it is a possible cause of cancer in humans, and which research is showing, also impacts on the biological makeup of flora and fauna.

“We note that Aurecon has also placed advertisements in the Noosa News for similar towers at Wills Rd Weyba Downs and Verrierdale Rd, Verrierdale. We hope these communities are aware and also ensure they have a say before submissions close on 16 February.”
To ensure you have a say, contact Sunshine Coast Council or your local councillor for more information.
A petition will be available at the Fruits grocery shop on the Eumundi-Noosa Rd for those residents who would like to say no to a 40 metre tower in Doonan.

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