Stop harassment of Mrs Rita Walker, and the unfair removal of her dogs.

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Greenfields Community Housing have been harassing and bullying my mother (approaching 71 years of age) for well over a year, in collusion with certain private tenants. Trumped up complaints have been levelled at her for all kinds of things – damaged fences (which have been deemed in good repair twice by contractors), a car on the 'drive' for a short while which was an inconvenience to no one, and about my mother’s dogs. My mother has been threatened with eviction verbally by Greenfields employees, with no grounds or solid reason to do so, several times. She has never been anywhere near in breach of contract, so eviction should never even have been mentioned. This amounts to bullying and creating fear.

They are also now aiming to get a court injunction to forcibly remove my mother's dogs - family pets, one of which has been with her for over ten years - on the basis of one minor, isolated incident, created by a Greenfields employee, who breached the protocols for dealing with elderly tenants. Mrs Walker has not been allowed to defend her position properly, has been lied to, ignored, and not given any chance to explain herself or her case fully. She is having her sense of security stripped away. 

The main issues here are:




Lack of concern for the elderly

Prejudice against dogs and dog owners

Use of fear tactics against an older person

and more.

Please sign the petition, which will be sent to Mr Pettit, to stop the heavy handed action being carried out by Greenfields against my mother, and please help to stop the forced removal of her pets and her sense of security, and dignity.

Thank you.


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