Let NAB know you're unhappy about Paul McMellon leaving

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Dear Stephen

On behalf of the 200+ Choice members in SA, NT & WA we wish to express our deep dissatisfaction at NAB’s decision to axe Paul McMellon from his position as Regional Manager of those states.

Paul has been integral to the success of Choice & has made an enormous contribution to the success of our individual businesses. 

For many of us Paul is Choice & the organisation simply would not  be the same without him.

Paul has worked tirelessly delivering excellent outcomes across three states which, among other things, has necessitated a huge amount of travel. It's difficult to imagine one person being able to deliver that same level of service across five states.

Ethically it is wrong for NAB to take over Choice and then sack one of it’s founders and the very person at the core of the Choice family. It puts the integrity of the decision makers in question and is just another example of NAB putting profit before people, as uncovered in the Royal Commission.

We, as a collective, are determined to demonstrate to you how strongly we are opposed to this decision.  We question that if you have such a lack of value for a key person in the organisation, then what value do you also place on your Partnership Managers and indeed your partners - the Brokers themselves.

Furthermore, is an organisation with such disregard for it’s people one that we want to continue to be associated with?  It remains to be seen what fallout there will be from this.  

We urge you to reconsider the impact of your decision and to fully appreciate the importance of Paul's role in the culture and ongoing success of Choice.

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