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De-Amalgamate the HRM

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Former Premier John Savage’s experiment to amalgamate Halifax and the surrounding towns, villages and rural areas into the HRM has failed miserably.

After 17 years, the social and economic fabric of our communities have been gravely compromised by this sprawling ungovernmable bureaucratic mess.  The one size fits all mega-government pits the priorities of the suburbs against those of the downtown and rural areas with no way to resolve the issues. This has created an ongoing lose-lose-lose situation for all communities inside HRM. It's hurting Nova Scotia and preventing every area from reaching its true potential.

The amalgamation was forced upon us, people did not vote to live in an HRM. Mr. Savage was elected on a promise he would not amalgamate the city. Amalgamation has eliminated healthy competition between our communities and robbed them of the ficsal powers required to make improvments, decide on services, and support truely local representation.

Billed as a way to save local governments lots of money, it has simply been a vehicle for unaccountable big-government sprawl and skyrocketing property taxes. The promised savings and "economies of scale" have never materialized. Staff is up, not down. The city employs far more people today than it did in 1996 and less is getting done on the local level. People are so discouraged participation in civic elections is at an astonishing low of 37%.

It’s time to correct the wrongs of the past so that each part of our family of natural communities can best determine how to serve its own unique needs – socially, politically, and economically.

We are asking newly elected Premier Stephen McNeil to re-open this issue and review all the avenues available for de-amalgamation of our beloved communities.

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