Open NB Border to Cobequid Pass

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I am creating this group as a petition to move the NB border closure to the Cobequid pass. Cumberland County has had no Covid-19 cases thus far. To keep it that way, we need to stop the spread where we can which is in the HRM area, not NB.


Good afternoon everyone. There seems to be some confusion with this effort. I would like clarify some things to better articulate what our efforts are for.
1. We are not asking to move the NB border nor are we asking to be part of NB. We are asking for the the border crossing closure to be pushed to the Cobequid pass to help keep our communities safer by further isolating active cases.
2. We are not asking the government to lift social distancing practices or change any directives given as they are put in place by experts in the area.
3. We are asking the provinces to work together as the situation comes under control.

Lets face it, the virus does not care about provincial borders. We blocked the borders to get the situation under control which we are making immense progress. Now that we have contained the virus to the southern portion of the province, we need to keep it that way. (This information is based off the daily updates from our government officials.

On a side note, I have read many posts from people who have family and friends on opposite sides of the border at high risk and need food and medication. We have people concerned about extra costs to get food due to higher travel when they are out of work. We have people who require items we can't obtain at our smaller stores and it is not as safe for us to drive to Halifax as it is to Moncton. Our border communities are so intertwined, I feel we can work together to come up with a safe alternative to the current situation.

If you disagree with this then that's fine, we all have a voice so don't sign the petition. Feel free to post how you feel and why. If I see any viscous, derogatory or otherwise hurtful posts, I will be removing them. I also ask others to flag posts as I am unable to moderate all the changes.

Thank you