Make Corbett-Dalhousie Lakes Peninsula a conservation area and sustainable model forest

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Many people in Annapolis County regard the Corbett-Dalhousie Lakes Peninsula as a gem of biodiversity and a wonderful natural area for recreation.  It is an area of pristine forests and peaceful lakes lying just minutes south of Bridgetown.

Unfortunately, the peninsula designated as Crown Land and regarded by the Province of Nova Scotia as primarily a resource for logging.  As such, the most precious natural features of this peninsula cannot be adequately protected for the future.  

However, at the urging of many of its citizens, the County of Annapolis has stepped up to the plate, requesting that the stewardship of this 85 hectare peninsula be transferred to our county.  In such a way, the People of Annapolis County would have a voice in the future of this area.  

We are asking for YOUR help.  Please sign our petition which we will take to our MLA, Stephen McNeil, who is also the Premier of Nova Scotia.  We will request that Premier McNeil represent his constituents, the People of Annapolis County, and take whatever actions are necessary to secure the Corbett-Dalhousie Lakes Peninsula as a county-managed conservation area and sustainable model forest.

Help us to protect this precious area of Nova Scotia for all time.