Help! Nova Scotia Healthcare is in CRISIS!

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Nova Scotia healthcare is in extreme crisis. Flawed official estimates claim more than 50,000 Nova Scotians do not have a Doctor, or any sort of primary healthcare provider. Thousands more are functionally without healthcare, having to wait weeks or months for a basic Doctor's appointment. Insiders say the real number of Nova Scotians without any meaningful access to healthcare, is more than 200,000.

That's 20% of the population. 1 in 5. It's an obscenity, and in direct violation of the Canada Health Act.

Emergency Departments are sporadically closed, throughout the province, creating confusion and havoc, and endangering lives, every single day.  Insufficient long-term care capacity, further exacerbates the problems.

All the while, we have a health "authority" - the NSHA - casually spending 35% more on administration, than the national average. Not 5% or 10% more. THIRTY FIVE PERCENT MORE!

We demand that our provincial government acknowledges this as a crisis, and takes immediate and substantial action to properly address this CRISIS.

We call on our federal government to enforce the Canada Health Act, and ensure that Nova Scotians receive the health care we have paid for, and that is legislatively required under the act:  "...reasonable access to health services without financial or other barriers."

Nova Scotians are literally dying as a result of our government's failure to address this crisis! We demand real action, right now!