Nova Scotia Needs To Put $ Money $ Into Health Care NOT The Art Gallery

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Province announces $130M plan for art gallery on Halifax waterfront . With $80being provided by the province. Another $1.1 million was spent on upgrading the Province House Garden. With the current & ongoing health care crisis happening in Nova Scotia we need our elected officials to start recognising the priorities of Nova Scotians:

- 50,000+ people without a doctor

- closures of clinics & hospitals across the province

- Cancellation of the midwife program

- Nurses being asked to work far too much overtime 

- 9 ERs in our province are experiencing closures in the month of May alone.

- 39 people dying of cancer while waiting to see a specialist.

- And So Much More: Having to travel hours for treatments & tests. Yarmouth hospital is down to 1 anesthesiologist. Pregnant women told they may have to travel 2 hours when it is time to deliver. Please sign the petition, share your frustrations & stories & see if we can convince our government to spend the money where it will make a difference. We enjoy the arts but as a friend mentioned to me, hang the artwork in the waiting rooms of the emergency where people can enjoy it for 8-12 hours.