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Voting tactically for change in Eastbourne & Willingdon

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There is growing support for the Labour party in the lead up to the general election but in reality, the support for the party in Eastbourne and Willingdon is weak.

This is demonstrated by the poor performance of the party at the recent local elections. Recent polling and the results of the local elections indicate it is a straight two horse race between the well funded Conservative candidate, Caroline Ansell (current MP) and Stephen Lloyd (MP for Eastbourne and Willingdon 2010 to 2015).

Result in 2015:

Cons 20,934 votes

Lib 20,201 votes

UKIP 6,139 votes

Lab 4,1,43 votes

The UK Independence Party has recognised that the vote is close and have endorsed Caroline Ansell opting not to stand a candidate. This significantly increases the prospect of her retaining the seat for the Conservatives in 2017. Labour supporters, and those for other marginal parties such as the Green's hold the balance of power.

This petition provides a platform for Labour supports to register their details as supporters of the Eastbourne & Willingdon labour candidate Jake Lambert whilst actually voting Liberal Democrat tactically. In doing so it is more likely that Caroline will loose her seat and the prospect of a hung parliament (where neither side wins outright and a coalition is possible) or a Labour win is more plausible.

By signing this petition you are making a commitment to vote for Stephen Lloyd on the 8th June 2017. I will ensure that Stephen Lloyd is be made aware of this petition and the number of pledges - if it is apparent that the pledges received from Labour supports helped him to win, then frankly I feel he must acknowledge that fact in his approach to policy and, assuming a Labour win or Coalition, in voting to support aspects of Labour policy.

To the same effect, Jake Lambert will also be in receipt of the results so that he has a measure of the true support available to him with a view to being able to contest the election competitively in 2020.

This petition is NOT endorsed by either candidate although having spoken to Stephen briefly about this, he does understand that Labour voters will only be "lending" him their support. I have been involved in their campaign providing some assistance with the erection of garden signs but I am not an official part of the campaign for any party.  

I have also raised this issue with Jake who at this point in time does not endorse tactical voting although I do not believe he has made the right call on this occasion, given the importance of this election.

However, to paraphrase him, voting is a personal issue and I hope that many of you will see this as a positive solution to the problem we face from the First Past the Post voting system, rather than an effort to undermine his candidacy.

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