Safety For ALL

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We are perplexed by the most recent announcement that all STEPS and GAINS students are to return to school as soon as Monday January 4th.

Unfortunately, our students and their individualized needs require closer contact than any other population within the school. As such, raising the lingering question:
Why is it permissable to risk the health and safety of US as staff and OUR vulnerable students, BUT, not safe for anyone else? We have always been aware that our RISK was greater, but prior to this we inherited that risk! However, we should not be expected to be the ONLY staff required to do so considering the lockdown restrictions, the record breaking numbers, and blatant disregard for our health and safety.

By allowing these rooms to remain open you are allowing up to 10 students and approximately 8 staff to RISK what the WECHU and GOVERNMENT deems unsafe for all other students.

All schools should be closed until the lock down is over. It should be all or nothing...WE MATTER TOO!!