Full-time schools in September in Ontario

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In September 2020 our kids will go back to school. Under the current situation, every family has faced different challenges and difficulties to take care of the kids. The government of Ontario presented three options for the return to school. I am personally very interested in having a full-time return to school with in-class sessions.

This petition is to offer parents the choice. While some families prefer to keep the kids at home, others need to have the option to have full-time, in-class schools. In my family, full-time school means quality interactions for the kids that we cannot give them at home with two parents working. It will also allow for job security, as we can both focus at work instead of juggling schedules, miss important calls with customers, on top of feeling guilty all day for not being present with the kids. It also eliminates the need of hiring a babysitter, which is a budget that most families in Ontario do not have. 

Stephen Lacce and Doug Ford, please consider the needs of parents, not only businesses. Parents with no income to pay for help, or parents without family around. This type of stress will put at least one parent at disadvantage, creating stress and other healthy issues than can also kill us.

Some families may start looking for help outside of the allowed 10 people, increasing the chances of getting sick. This goes against what we are trying to avoid. It would be better to have an official space, instead of leaving that to every family.

Please, give us the chance to decide!

Lastly, the recommendations from SickKids about the school reopening: