TripAdvisor - Stop supporting activities that use animals for profit.

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TripAdvisor currently allows postings by businesses, companies and individuals that profit from the use and often inherent abuse of animals for entertainment. These include but are not limited to dog sledding tours and excursions, elephant rides, selfies with animals, zoos, aquariums, burro and horse riding, wagon and sleigh rides, circuses, rodeos, petting zoos etc. We are insisting that TripAdvisor make it a company policy to NOT do business of any sort with companies and/or individuals who exploit and use animals for profit of any kind. Science has shown us that animals are sentient, thinking, feeling individuals  and that they value their lives. We must insist that TripAdvisor stop normalizing the keeping, enslavement and use of animals for human entertainment, greed and profit.  Animals should never be used as commodities and amusements. Please SIGN and SHARE to help change our collective view of animals and the place that they occupy in this world. TripAdvisor has an opportunity to help make the world a better, kinder and fairer place for animals...insist they do it if they want your continued support.