Cite and Release Brownwood Tx (Brown County)

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We need to stop locking people away in brown county Texas for possesion of marijuana. We need to start cite and release. To start transition over to legalization of marijuana in Texas. If its going to be legal sooner or later why keep ruining peoples lives. The city of Brownwood makes $0 when they arrest for marijuana because its a class B misdemeanor they only make money from class C misdemeanors. So why waste city officials and police time when there is no benefit only hurt. Because we waste tax payers money to house people in jail for marijuana when the money can go to something more useful. And we take away money when these people sit in jail for marijuana because they are not working and paying taxes. So its time to say enough is enough and say we want Cite and release in brownwood and brown county to take the first step towards legalization of Texas. 

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