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Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership from managing our Dairy Supply System!!

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      Dairy farmers across the Canadian provinces are facing an abrupt threat to their livelihoods, as greedy corporate partnerships are being formed that will allow the importation of international dairy products, namely milk to be sold in our supermarkets. If they succeed it's quite imaginable a tainted milk supply will saturate our market, penetrating our regulatory body, overthrowing what sovereign  power and control Canadian dairy farmers have over the production, distribution and sales of our dairy.

The truth is the US has a laisser-faire attitude in the regulation of their milk supply, which means cattle are being overmedicated, pumped with steroids and injected with harmful bovine growth hormones. While certain government officials, such as Steven Harper, point out the benefits of joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), as he contends the price of dairy products in our markets will drop, to which is a clever way of disguising the outright damage this will cost our nation.

 Yes, the government takes the position that the regulatory body will continue to govern and regulate the milk supply, but if we open our borders to these transnational corporations that are multi-billionaire industries, who is to say they won't sway policy makers into seeing it their way, selling your children milk that has not gone through the wringers the way our current milk supply goes through, being carefully inspected for contaminates, that if detected is immediately dumped. Not to mention, the farmer faces a penalty, deterring farmers from producing and distributing contaminated dairy.

If US dairy is sold in our borders, how will the consumer be aware if they are, in deed, consuming Canadian dairy? With the lowering of prices, businesses will be incentivized to purchase US dairy, which means when Jimmy is driving thru his favourite coffee shop, how can he be sure his favourite brew isn't wrecking havoc on his hormonal system? When parents visit their local fast food restaurants, how can they be sure little Sarah's ice cream won't be accelerrating her prepubescent body's production of reproductive hormones? We already worry so much about the quality of our food, at least dairy in Canada was one less worry.

 Please sign this petition and join in the fight to oppose Prime Minister Steven Harper's wish to transform our dairy industry into one that will leave our local dairy farmers in a state of despair and that will inevitably taint the dairy supply we consume. Please visit for more information. You can also click on the link to send an automated message expressing your concern to your local political representative:




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