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Respond To GreenNH3, New Clean Lower Priced Fuel, Zero Carbon Footprint, Is Available For 50 Cents A Litre With Zero Emissions.

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John Pierce

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Office Of The Prime Minister

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To The Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper,  

GreenNH3 Fuel is available for 50 cents a litre with Zero Emissions. It will cut the price people spend on fuel in half and get rid of pollution for free as an added bonus.  

GreenNH3 is New Clean, Lower Priced Fuel that is made from Air and Water with a Zero Carbon Footprint and Zero Emissions.  

GreenNH3 has built a Patented Machine (prototype) to produce GreenNH3 Fuel and needs to raise money to manufacture the first machine.

Residents of Canada are paying high prices for fuel and want to stop polluting as they drive.   

It doesn't need to be transported, so negates the need to waste fuel and pollution doing so and also it will not explode or burn if it's ever transported.  

As flooding and wild weather events increase, Canadians want you to make this new clean fuel available and are shocked when I tell them I can't get a reply from the leaders of Canada.  

Registered Letters Have Been Sent To Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Premier Dalton McGuinty and Premier Kathleen Wynne With No Response About GreenNH3 Fuel.  

Even if this fuel is not widespread right away, we would like to have it shelf ready, in case there is a sudden need for a clean low cost alternative fuel.  

Building GreenNH3 Machines will create thousands of jobs, since more than 100 countries are interested in this technology and get off the oil and petrodollar treadmill.   

We are being courted by other countries and are considering setting up operations in other places, but would think of staying in Canada, if we could get some indication of embrace or likemindedness of the new technology from leaders in Canada.  

If You Agree With Us On This Issue, Please Sign The Petition To Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Let Your Voice Be Heard.  

Thank-You In Advance For Your Time and Effort,   

John Pierce

Director Of Business Development

Learn More About GreenNH3 At  

To The Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper Respond To #GreenNH3 !!! 

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